The CTHS is dedicated to providing up to date news and information with the help of our membership.

Breeders are encouraged to notify us if you have news regarding your BC-breds or stallions that can promote the industry.


The Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society was founded in 1906 and is incorporated under the official registry of Thoroughbred Horses in Canada.

The objectives and purposes of the Canadian Thoroughbred Horse Society are:

To assist and afford a means for the promotion of the interest of those engaged in the breeding of Thoroughbreds, to protect it's members against unbusinesslike methods, to reform abuses, to diffuse information among its members and others and to secure uniformity in usage and business conditions.

To determine the requirements for registration of horses as Thoroughbreds.

To promote, encourage and assist in livestock and agricultural exhibitions, fairs, racing and offer prizes in cash or otherwise for such purposes which shall be limited to Thoroughbred competitions or classes.

To sponsor, assist and conduct sales of Thoroughbreds.

To compile statistics of the industry (Annual Statistical Review). All of these roles are for the purpose of encouraging the ownership and breeding of Thoroughbreds in Canada.

The Society is managed by a board of directors consisting of 11 directors elected by members to represent 6 regions. Each region is also managed by a board of 11 directors. Both National and Regional boards are subdivided into several committees. An executive committee made up of the President, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice President and Past President is responsible for specific matters as delegated by the board. Other committees set up by the elected board are Finance Committee, Pedigree Committee, Sales Committee, Thoroughbred Improvement Program Committee, Special Events Committee, Animal Welfare Committee, Government Issues Committee and Marketing Committee. All committees are set to assist the breeders of thoroughbreds in Canada.

How Do We Assist the Breeder?

"The CTHS aims to ensure a viable future for its members by providing assistance and representation within the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry."

1. The CTHS serves effectively as a clearinghouse for questions and answers about the industry from breeders in British Columbia.

2. The CTHS serves as a voice for its members in the industry. As key issues and problems of the business are discussed, the CTHS representatives carry the voice of breeders to those meeting rooms where decisions are made.

3. The CTHS communicates regularly with its members on vital issues and projects we have embraced through their web-site, newsletters, announcements and annual general meetings.

4. The CTHS provides a series of cash benefits for its members including a subscription to the Canadian Thoroughbred Magazine, free on-line advertising and Breeders' Awards.

5. The CTHS is heavily involved with the industry in efforts to gain more favorable tax legislation and other positive legislative changes.

6. The CTHS continues to hold sales in British Columbia to serve as a means for our membership to sell their stock and increase cash benefits from breeding.

7. The CTHS continues to provide many free services to our members including Naming and Live Foal reporting via the Internet as well as accessibility and use of our web-site and library.

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