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Report on the HRIMC meeting of August 1, 2014



To B.C. horse racing industry participants and media:

• Standardbred sector
• Thoroughbred sector
• Great Canadian Gaming Corp.
• Other industry participants

Please see report below.


Industry Management Committee decisions

The B.C. Horse Racing Industry Management Committee met on August 1st and made several decisions:

· Conditional racedays at Hastings Racecourse were approved by the Committee on the basis of successful financial performance so far in 2014. Four dates in October (Oct. 18, 19, 25 and 26) have been added to the schedule.

· The Committee approved the use of approximately $100,000 to develop programs to enhance the horse population in both breeds. The funds will be split $75,000 to the Thoroughbred sector and $25,000 to the Standardbred sector. The funds can only be used for purposes that will lead to more racehorses being available in B.C.

· The Committee approved a Standardbred schedule for 2015 for racing at Fraser Downs that will include 61 racing days over seven months, from January through the end of April, resuming in early October and running through to the end of December.

· Great Canadian Gaming Corp. reported to the Committee that meetings with the City of Vancouver are proceeding regarding the lease at Hastings Racecourse and that there is optimism a renewal will be negotiated.

Brian Butters
Director of Racing Sustainability
BC Horse Racing Industry Management Committee
August 8, 2014

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